Hopshed Organic Hops Rhizomes

Situated on a small rural property on the banks of the beautiful Blackwood River in Mayanup in the South West of Western Australia, we specialise in propagating hops rhizomes grown using organic principles.

Established in 2003, with a small planting of remnant plants from the Springfield farm near Pemberton, the Hopshed previously operated from the Southern Forest region of South West WA until February 2019, when the business changed ownership and relocated to Mayanup.

Our property is managed to organic and permaculture principles and we take pride in producing only top quality organically grown Hops plants and Rhizomes.

Rhizomes are available seasonally in Winter, July to August.

We are now taking orders for 2020.


Rhizomes are $20.00 each, plus postage.

Postage is available Australia wide.

We expect to have the following varieties available for 2020:

  • Cascade
  • Chinook
  • Columbus
  • Dr Rudi
  • East Kent Goldings
  • Fuggles
  • Golden Cluster
  • Goldings
  • Hallertau
  • Hersbrucker
  • Kracanup
  • Mount Hood
  • Nugget
  • Perle
  • Pride of Ringwood
  • Red Earth
  • Saaz
  • Target
  • Tettnanger
  • Vienna Gold
  • Williamette
  • Wurtemberger


Drew & Katie

2 Replies to “Hopshed Organic Hops Rhizomes”

    1. Hi Paul.
      Apologies for the delay in my reply, usually the website forwards comments to my email, but for some reason yours didn’t come through.
      To be honest I think you’ll be much better off trying to source Challenger hops from within the US. Getting through quarantine will be an expensive and prolonged process with no guarantee of success.
      There are quite a few hop growing groups on Facebook, my advice would be to join some of these groups and put out an enquiry for Challenger hops. I doubt you’ll have too much trouble finding some.

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